International consultants specialized in complex data technology domains

Alain Porto | Data Solutions Architect

Alain is a versatile Software Architect, DevOps Engineer, and Agile Delivery Manager.

Hailing from the FinTech and Machine Tool industries, he specialises in developing bespoke products for processing large, heterogenous datasets and delivering data management solutions in on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud environments. His expertise lies in Architectural Design, Development, and Deployment on AWS and DigitalOcean.

A passionate team leader, Alain has exceptional skills in multi-disciplinary team and product management, developed over the course of his tenure as CTO in three different companies.

AWS Data Analytics DigitalOcean DevOps TeamOps Solution Architecture

Moira Khan | PMO / IT Project Manager

Moira has over 20 years of international experience in various managerial and executive capacities across the IT and Legal sectors. She has strong skills in organisational and project management, technical programmes and applications, complimented with a wide range of administrative skills, training and development, communication and people management.

Pressure fears this lady, as she works extremely well under it, aside from having an incredible knack for resolving complex challenges in record time.

As our clients have rightly said over time: "Everyone needs a Moira; problem is, there's only one Moira."

Team Leadership Project Management Programme Management

Eriz Zárate | Technical Solutions Architect

Eriz has over 10 years of experience in C-suite technical and management roles, having consulted, worked, and created companies in the fields of Applied AI, Quantitative Financial Engineering, Quantum Computing, B2B/B2C SaaS, and Blockchain, focusing on Scalability, CyberSec and Performance plus having directly managed 30+ engineers in various enterprises.

His expertise lies in Architectural Design, Development, and Deployment on AWS, GCP, Fujitsu, and DigitalOcean for complex technical and functional challenges.

He excels in delivering outstanding communication skills and laser-focused detail-oriented execution.

AWS GCP Fujitsu Quant R&D Blockchain Solution Architecture

Martí Castany | Quant Research Specialist

Martí has over a decade’s experience in Quantitative Research, Portfolio Management and Executive Leadership in the Systematic Investing and FinTech industries.

He has a background in Electrical and Hardware Engineering, having worked in the fields of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and high-speed multi-layer digital-analog PCB design.

His specialities include the design and development of systematic analytics and forecasting models for extremely large, high density, and high frequency time series datasets, and their deployment as microservices on AWS and DigitalOcean.

AWS Data Analytics Quant R&D DevOps TeamOps Solution Architecture

Ali Saif | Principal Technical Architect

Ali is an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional, and has over two decades worth of battle scars earned as a Software Engineer, Technical Architect, Quant Developer, and Technical Trainer in the Professional IT Services, Decision Intelligence, FinTech, Quantitative Finance, Applied AI/ML, and EdTech industries.

He specialises in Design, Implementation, and Delivery of Big Data and Cloud Data Solutions, and setting up Data Engineering practices across Architecture, Design, Development & Deployment.

He has strong stakeholder-management skills, having worked closely with C-Suite leaders, clients, engineering and cross-functional teams of all sizes.

AWS DevOps Quant R&D Generative AI TeamOps Technical Architecture

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